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We decide to completely renovate our home including the removal of load bearing walls to open the space. We did our due diligence and contacted multiple companies including a large prestigious firm in the area. We decided to go with Jeremy because of easy going demeanor and we felt he would personally be on site more than a large company running multiple teams. We couldn’t have been happier with the decision. Jeremy was on site most of the time managing the project and supervising the trades. He paid attention to every detail and ran a clean, organized and stress free workplace. We certainly ran into our far share of surprises, challenges, and problems as we went along but I think that is inevitable on any sizable job. The nice part was that anytime we did encounter an issue, Jeremy made us feel like it was his challenge, not our problem. Jeremy stuck closely to his budget (me – not so much, and my wife not even close….). Overall we are very happy with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Innovative Group to anyone.