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Finding Your Perfect Match: Hiring a General Contractor in Niagara

image of a general contractor for the innovative group working on a jobsite

Niagara homeowners, rejoice! Whether you’re conjuring a cozy fireplace upgrade in Niagara-on-the-Lake or a modern kitchen showstopper in Welland, transforming your home is within reach. But before the demo hammers swing, selecting the ideal general contractor is key. This guide empowers you to find the perfect match for your Niagara renovation project.

Demystifying Hourly Rates: What Do General Contractors and Subcontractors Charge in St. Catharines?

general contractor talking with perspective clients before the start of a job

Unsure what general contractors and subcontractors charge in St. Catharine’s? This guide by The Innovative Group breaks down average hourly rates and project costs for kitchen renos, bathroom makeovers, basement finishing, and more. Learn about fixed-price vs cost-plus contracts to choose the right fit for your renovation project! Budget confidently and avoid surprises with The Innovative Group, your trusted St. Catharine’s general contractor.