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Streamlined Elegance

Offering a step up from Class 1, Class 2 homes provide a touch of design intrigue with three to five distinct roof lines. This subtle variation adds visual interest without compromising the uniform ceiling height, creating a spacious and streamlined living environment.

Functional Foundations

Ideal for first-time homeowners or those seeking a practical and efficient living space, Class 1 homes prioritize uncluttered design. Featuring a simple roofline (or two) and consistent ceiling heights, these homes create a comfortable and straightforward living environment.

Balanced Design

Homes in this class typically showcase a classic, cohesive roofline with 6 to 9 distinct lines for added architectural interest. While subtle variations in ceiling height may be present in specific areas to enhance functionality, the overall roof structure maintains a harmonious balance

Luxury Redefined

Characterized by meticulously crafted custom designs, these residences feature soaring and varied ceiling heights that create a sense of grandeur throughout. The multifaceted rooflines further elevate the architectural presence, making a statement of both luxury and individuality.

Architectural Masterpiece

A remarkably intricate custom home featuring dramatic variations in ceiling heights throughout and a multi-level roof design with numerous ridges and valleys. This "Class 5" designation reflects the exceptional complexity of the build.


Class 2

9' Ceilings throughout the main floor
Full Basement, with 9' Ceilings
2 Car Garage with 10' ceilings

Class 2

1 Custom bathroom with a large tub and a separate shower, they also have double vanity sinks.
Often times the master bathroom will fit in this category.
1 Full Bathroom with a tub/shower, sink and toilet.

Class 2

Standard Kitchen Cabinets, with island, Crown Molding, Quartz/Corian Countertops

Class 2

Interior Trim: This will include crown molding in approximately half of the house 
The trim be will be paint grade

Class 2

Includes upgraded carpet in bedroom areas, with tile and wood flooring throughout the rest of the home.

Class 2

Exterior Siding: Vinyl 3 sides, Synthetic Stone on the front of the house

Class 2

1 Gas Fireplace is included

Grade 1: Basic – This includes painted baseboards and door casings throughout the lowest level.

Grade 2: Enhanced – Similar to Grade 1, but adds chair molding in approximately 25% of the house. All trim will be painted.

Grade 3: Elevated – Elevates from Grade 2 by including painted crown molding in 25% of the house and trim around all windows.

Grade 4: Premium – A step up from Grade 3. Features crown molding in approximately half the house, chair rail molding throughout, and a mix of painted and stain-grade trim.

Grade 5: Luxury – The most extensive trim package. Includes stain-grade crown molding and chair rail molding throughout the entire house.

Additional Notes:

  • All trim is painted in Grades 1-3.
  • Grade 4 offers a mix of painted and stain-grade trim for a more varied look.
  • Grade 5 features all stain-grade trim for a high-end aesthetic.

Choose the level of style and functionality that best suits your dream kitchen:

Grade 1: Essential – This budget-conscious option features basic cabinets in a standard size, typically constructed from alder or a similar wood species.

Grade 2: Enhanced – Elevate your kitchen with cabinets in standard sizes, crafted from alder or a similar wood, and featuring additional decorative details like trim.

Grade 3: Upgraded – Experience a step up in quality with cabinets built from premium woods like oak or a similar species. These cabinets boast more details than Grade 2, adding visual interest and a touch of elegance.

Grade 4: Designer – Indulge in designer-inspired elements with cabinets crafted from woods similar to Grade 3. This grade incorporates features like crown molding for a truly finished look.

Grade 5: Luxury – Embrace the pinnacle of kitchen design with top-of-the-line cabinets. These beauties showcase the finest wood species and boast a variety of depths and heights for a truly custom aesthetic.

Select the flooring package that best suits your style and needs:

Grade 1: Essential – This budget-friendly option features basic carpet throughout the lowest level, with linoleum flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Grade 2: Value – Similar to Grade 1, but adds a touch of elegance with a small tile accent in an area like the entryway. All other flooring remains carpet and linoleum.

Grade 3: Comfort & Style – Offers a step up in comfort and aesthetics. Bedrooms are carpeted with medium-grade materials, while bathrooms showcase tile flooring. The kitchen area boasts either tile or laminate wood flooring.

Grade 4: Premium – Experience a luxurious upgrade. Bedrooms feature higher-quality carpets, while tile and wood flooring flow throughout the rest of the home.

Grade 5: Luxury – The most luxurious option, featuring upgraded versions of all flooring materials used in Grade 4.

Choose the level of luxury you desire for your bathroom:

Grade 1: Essential – This budget-friendly option features basic fiberglass tubs and showers with standard fixtures.

Grade 2: Enhanced – Upgrade your bathroom experience with higher-quality fiberglass tubs and showers, complemented by mid-range fixtures.

Grade 3: Classic – Indulge in timeless elegance with a cast iron tub and a beautiful tile or cultured marble tub surround.

Grade 4: Elevated – Take your bathroom to the next level with a premium tub surround that complements the high-quality fixtures.

Grade 5: Luxurious – Experience ultimate luxury with showers and tub surrounds crafted from natural stone or similar high-end materials, paired with top-of-the-line fixtures.

This home construction cost calculator is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered a guaranteed quote. The estimated cost provided is based on averages and may vary significantly depending on several factors, including:

  • Location: Construction costs can differ greatly depending on your region. Material and labor costs can fluctuate based on local market conditions.
  • Project Details: The size, complexity, and design of your home will significantly impact the final cost. Factors like the number of stories, square footage, chosen materials, and desired finishes will all play a role.
  • Current Market Fluctuations: Material prices, labor costs, and permitting fees can change over time. This calculator uses current averages but cannot predict future fluctuations.

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