Additional Dwelling Units

If you’re interested in adding an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) to your property, we’d be happy to provide information and answer any questions you may have.

An ADU can provide several benefits, such as extra living space for family members, a way to generate income through renting, or to increase the value of your property.

We can guide you through the entire process, from design to construction. We can also provide insight into any regulatory requirements you’ll need to navigate.

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Additional Dwelling Units Uniquely Designed to Meet Your Individual Needs

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What Are The Benefits of A.D.U.'s ?

Secondary units, familial suites, basement lodgings, and interior domicile quarters within a residence, or situated in an auxiliary edifice like a garage. These supplementary living spaces are essentially autonomous, featuring a private kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area.

Renting out the ADU can provide a steady source of passive income, helping with mortgage payments and other expenses.

ADUs offer separate living quarters for family members, fostering both privacy and close proximity.

ADUs create more affordable housing options, as they are often more cost-effective than standalone homes.


ADUs address housing shortages by using existing infrastructure, supporting sustainable growth in established communities.

ADUs can serve as rental units, guesthouses, home offices, studios, or short-term rentals, adding versatility to the property.

Renting out an ADU to local workers can potentially reduce commuting distances and associated traffic congestion.

What Are Additional Dwelling Units (A.D.U.'s)?

ADUs can come in various forms, including:

  1. Secondary Suites or Basement Apartments: These are living spaces located within the primary residential structure, often in the basement or as a separate wing. They usually have their own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping areas.

  2. In-law Suites: Similar to secondary suites, in-law suites are designed to provide a separate living space for extended family members while allowing them to remain close to the main household.

  3. Detached ADUs: These are separate structures on the same property as the main house, such as converted garages, guest houses, or stand-alone units. They are fully self-contained and have all the necessary facilities for independent living.

different styles of additional dwelling units

An additional dwelling unit, often referred to as an ADU, can be a solution to various housing challenges, providing affordable housing options, allowing homeowners to generate rental income, and making more efficient use of existing infrastructure.

An ADU, is a self-contained living space within a property that is designed to accommodate the needs of a separate household.

ADUs are commonly found on the same lot as a primary residential structure, such as a house, and they provide a separate and independent living space for another individual or household. 

image of an accessory dwelling unit

The Niagara Region is in the process of creating amendments to the official plan and zoning bylaws. These changes aim to expand the allowances for additional dwelling units.

Under the proposed amendments, one extra dwelling unit would be authorized within a primary house, while another would be allowed in a separate accessory structure, like a garage, situated on the same property.

map of the Niagara Region
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